Friday, 8 July 2011

i waNna giVe Up!!

Frustrated...feel nothing!
                  sometimes i'm thinking....
i wanna give up..!!

                    i need ur comment at this CONTEST..
but i dont think i can get ur support..
                  i can't push u all to comment there rite?
soRy if i'm thinking like i'm loser..

          maybe today i'm like%^&*(())!#$%.......
                  huh.. stress too..!
   cannot burn movie into dvd...
DVD= 0 used space 0 free space...??

btw: feel like wat.......??


~DroP yOur cOmMent if U EnJoy tHis eNtry~

2 sUntiKaN sEmaNgaT:

isteri onew said...

chill babeyh~ enjoy the problem

~bUih-bUih ciNta~ said...

@isteri onew

yeah, thanx..! i'll try to handle it:)

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