Friday, 10 January 2014

Pass First Step Doesn't Mean Anything Yet

Olla, hi guys !

Go..go...u can do it !

       "Pass First Step Doesn't Mean Anything yet" . Apa maksud tersirat di sebalik sepatah ayat ni. Let me tell you the truth. Maksudnya kalau kita dah lulus peringkat pertama, itu belum lagi menjaminkan apa-apa. Sebagai contohnya, dengarlah al kisah hidupku yang begitu sedih menyayat hati. Cewahhh..haha.. Listen....listen..listen hookeeh.

       Just like me, Alhamdulillah got several interview. A different places and different job position. But, the first stage i mean here is you got call for interview. That means, you pass the first stage. Then, after attend for interview you wait for the next progress or next stage which is call for confirmation either you are successful or not in that interview. In my case, i just got more than one interview, but so far I didn't get any work offers. :(

       Total interview for now, I got 7 interviews. Bukan nak berbangga tetapi just wanna share my experience and my feelings. You guys tak tahu apa perasaan Miss Bubble yang sebenar. I got 7, but 2 interview i can't go. Interview yang ke 5, (Graduate Electrical Engineer) I didn't managed to go because no places to stay. About two days, i called my several friends but unfortunately nobody can't help at that time. Then, i tried call back that company to give my decision, unfortunately again, they said that they already have another candidate to replace me for interview. So, i cried a lot because i missed that interview.

       Then, today i got another call for interview at JB, (electrical engineer). But, they asked me to come on this upcoming monday. I tried to ask another day, she said can't because boss is not free for another day. A few minutes, i said, ermmm..its ok, because i can't go there on this monday. Without any preparation, in ticket bus and what so ever. So, i missed this interview. Deep inside i felt sad & frustrated but in the same time, i feel traumatized because if i go then i'm still didn't get that job, what to do. Crying and crying again, duit habis sebab travelling pergi interview.

      So, you guys yang belum dapat interview, please don't worry or get envy with the people who got many interview. Semua ni tak menjamin lagi. Mana tahu korang pergi first interview, tut2 terus dapat kan. Yang dah pergi banyak kali still tak melekat. Macam mana tu, so jangan putus berharap dengan rezeki Allah. Miss Bubble lainlah, rasa trauma dan penat sikit, last week dah pergi interview. Dan hopefully ada rezeki. He said wait after he finalized all the candidate about  2/3 weeks for the result. That means i still have a chance to pray and believe if ada rezeki for me to work there. InsyaAllah....Amin. But now still perlu berusaha mencari kerja..lalalala~

never give up (mcm buat fyp dulu), cakap kat diri sendiri... fighting!!

"people said, at least you got many experienced in interview job," so what is my response?....just wait for my next entry... stay tune with my blog.. daa..~~~
~DroP yOur cOmMent if U EnJoy tHis eNtry~

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