Friday, 11 May 2012

girl and guy's diary


I broke up with him today.
I told him I wasn’t happy.
He didn’t even ask why.
I thought he would ask me to stay.
But he didn’t. He just let me go.
And just like that,
I lost the guy I waited for so long. :'(


She broke up with me today.
She said she wasn’t happy.
I was too hurt to ask why.
I wanted to stop her from leaving.
But if she’s not happy with me, there’s no way I can make her stay.
So I just let her go.
Just like that,
I lost the girl I’ve been dreaming of for so long.. :(

Thats the problem of ego..
Its always come in the middle of love...
and separate two lovers always like this way....
please dont show ur ego to ur loved ones ♥

~DroP yOur cOmMent if U EnJoy tHis eNtry~

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